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About Spaio

SPAIO is all about passion for sport and devotion for designing high quality, top performing sportswear. The heart of our brand lies in thermoactive, seamless underwear designed to satisfy the most demanding and fierceless athletes. Spaio products are crafted with attention to the smallest details and made of innovative, best-quality yarns such as: Dryarn, Resistex Carbon, Resistex Silver, Merino Wool featuring exceptional bacteriostatic and anti-odor properties. Our product offer is very extensive, ranging from items dedicated for very low temperatures, to those that cools you up and protect from overheating or bad odor. Everyone can find something for himdelf/herself, no matter the sex, age or the level of advancement.


If you are looking for top quality, functional items, Spaio is your perfect choice. Our products ensure well-being, protection, comfort, excellent skin-breathing and long-lasting durability. In addition, each product is carefully crafted, with regards to the latest designs and trends. What is more, Spaio is almost completely made in Italy, so no compromises in terms of quality and design are accepted.


Spaio offers a wide range of lines: Inforce Line, Bike Line, Relieve Line, Thermo Line, Extreme Line, Merino Line, Effect Line, Moto Line, Survival Line dedicated to various sports disciplines responding to the needs of professionals as well as amateurs.

Spaio brand is owned by Tespol, a group of experts in their fields, with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing top quality products. We are passionate people fully devoted to our work, the strongest advocates but, at the same time, the most demanding users of products we make.